Monday, September 21, 2009

Anna Wintour's Tennis Obsession is Freaking Me Out

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Has anyone else noticed that Anna Wintour's obsession with tennis has gotten out of hand lately? Her crush on Roger Federer, which has long been common knowledge, seems to be affecting her work and I, for one, am a little pissed. Over the past few years, she's dragged Federer to numerous fashion shows and high-profile events and seems to plan her insane schedule around his matches. Kudos to her for having interests and hobbies outside the realm of fashion, but can she please leave tennis out of Vogue?

It was fine when she put Federer on the cover of Men's Vogue back in 2007: It was a men's magazine, he's a good-looking guy, men admire athletes at the top of their game, etc. Fair enough. But what the hell was he doing in last month's Vogue — the most important fashion issue of the year with a four-page editorial blowjob expounding on his UNBELIEVABLE talent and delighting over his impending fatherhood? Who the fuck cares? 

Vogue, September 2009

As if that weren't random enough, Anna has served up another helping of tennis bullshit in Vogue's October issue with a deeply incongruous fashion spread featuring model Karlie Kloss and tennis star Gael Monfils prancing around Paris. She's in haute couture gowns; he's in Nike tennis whites throughout.  Seriously, Anna? Seriously? Two months in a row. If they were going to put a tennis player in a fashion story, why not at least dress him in something, oh, I don't know, fashionable?  Monfils could have been wearing an amazing Tom Ford tux or a sleek Prada suit,  looking impossibly stylish, but instead Vogue chose to hit readers over the head with constant reminders of his tennis-stud status. 

Vogue, October 2009
Here is Monfils throwing a ball in the air. 

Vogue, October 2009
Here is Monfils playing catch with Kloss. 

Vogue, October 2009

Here is Monfils sitting in a VW Beetle, inexplicably holding a tennis racket while Kloss is dressed for... actually, I have no idea what Kloss is dressed for in this picture. A wedding? Grocery shopping? Or is that her tennis outfit, too? 

I buy Vogue to read about fashion, not tennis, and I'm willing to bet good money that most of Vogue's readers feel the same way. So Anna, please stop thinking about balls and  give us a break. Federer's hot, we get it. You want to make out with him and have his little tennis babies — we know. Can we please resume our normal programming now? 
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