Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Beating Like a Hammer (Pant)

How can something so utterly wrong feel so right? Lately, I’ve been finding myself strangely — some might say misguidedly— attracted to sequined harem pants. It all started with this photo, taken by the incomparable Garance Doré :

That light. The woman’s gorgeous hair. Those amazing, totally-regret-not-buying-them-when-I-had-the-chance Dries Van Noten heels. The slightly sheer checked shirt. And of course, the sequined harem pants. What can I say? It just works.

Then there’s this young lady, via Stockholm StreetStyle :

I’m not 100% in love with her outfit, but considering she’s wearing Gold! Sequined! Harem pants! she looks surprisingly normal, don’t you think? That’s the danger of harem pants, after all. Style them incorrectly and risk being mistaken for an MC Hammer impersonator or a lost genie in search of her master.

Photo: Topshop via Style Pantry 

The powers-that-be at Topshop, who’ve never met a difficult trend they didn’t like, styled their version of the harem pant with a white t-shirt and black blazer, creating a look that’s cool, not costumey (if you ignore the crazy hair and makeup). If I were to buy a pair of sequined harem pants, I’d definitely get them in a dark colour to keep things as subtle as possible and downplay the sparkle factor with a slouchy, fine-knit grey t-shirt. Strappy heels, a studded bag and a bold necklace would complete the look. Voilà:

Harem pants, 212DRESSINGROOM. T-shirt, James Perse.Bag, Alexander Wang. Shoes, Chloe. Necklace, Tom Binns.

Will you be embracing any tricky trends this fall?
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