Friday, September 4, 2009

Fall Fashion Wish List

Happy Labour Day weekend! Welcome to Tea Party Crasher, a blog about fashion and décor. Because autumn always feels like a new beginning — and new beginnings call for rampant consumerism — I thought I'd kick things off with my fall wish list. Right now, these are the pretty things I'm craving:

Without a doubt, the most lust-worthy shoes of the season. I love the bondage straps, the blunted toe (almost like a ballerina’s pointe shoes), the hidden platform that makes these babies more wearable, and of course, the name. Ni toi ni moi is French for “Neither you nor me,"as in, “Who the hell can afford $1400 shoes? Ni toi, ni moi.” Exquisite.

I first fell hard not for these gorgeous flat boots, but for the high-heeled version of them — their sluttier older sister, if you will. We were all set to begin a torrid affair until the flats came along, flaunting their effortless style and wear-with-everything vibe. Admittedly, I kind of want both versions. That wouldn't be incestuous, would it?

As far as designer bags go, Mulberry has never really been on my radar. That changed a few months ago when I came across this oversized clutch bag. The colour is to die for, as is the semi-abstract leopard-print pattern. Apparently the leather is actually quite plastic-looking in person, which is disappointing but hasn't dissuaded me entirely from wanting it.

It's terribly un-PC of me to be dreaming of a fur vest, but isn't this one stunning? I'd throw it — or better yet, a faux-fur knockoff —over everything all winter long for instant glamour.

Yes, sweatpants. Drop-crotch sweatpants, even. $325 drop-crotch sweatpants. Look at this Vogue editor in hers! I want to go there.

Please ignore the model's awkward attempt at seducing you with her eyes and focus instead on the lovely print and hot pink/deepest burgundy colour combo. Definitely feeling those colours at the moment, and I'm powerless to resist a long-sleeved dress. Dear creepy model: no, I will NOT make out with you! Stop asking. 

I'm a sucker for a statement necklace, and this one is not only sparkly but affordable. What's not to love?

But if money were no object, I'd say screw Banana and buy this Miu Miu piece instead. (Oh, who am I kidding? I'd get both.)

Classic Phillip Lim: ultra-feminine without veering into saccharine territory.

Every year, I search for the perfect leather jacket, and every year I come up empty-handed. If this Rick Owens masterpiece ever made its way into my closet, the search would be over. Check out the distressed leather, the long, super-narrow sleeves, the subtle zipper detailing — I love everything about this jacket except the price tag, which makes me throw up a little in my mouth.

I showed you mine. What's on your fall wish list?

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