Thursday, September 10, 2009

Get Nailed? Chanel Jade Nail Polish

 Way back in March (roughly a million years ago in Fashion Time), Herr Karl Lagerfeld sent his models gliding down the Chanel runway in Paris wearing the most amazing jade green polish on their nails. Editors swooned. Beauty junkies salivated. Nail polish connoisseurs vomited with excitement.

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Fast forward to summer, when I spotted MTV host Alexa Chung flaunting that same gorgeous shade of green on her fingertips. My casual appreciation of the look quickly turned into a desperate, all-consuming need to possess the nail polish. (Things like this happen to me a lot.) There was just one little problem: the polish wouldn’t be launching for months. Until autumn. Autumn! Damn you, Chanel. Damn you to heck. 

Photo via Stardust and Sequins 

I searched high and low for a reasonable facsimile of the colour. Some hardcore Google sessions produced a few leads. MAC had recently come out with a similar shade of green, called Peppermint Patti, but by the time I became aware of its existence, the limited-edition polish had already disappeared from stores. I even spent an embarrassing number of minutes on hold with the MAC Gone But Not Forgotten hotline in a futile attempt to track it down.

Photo stolen from some eBay seller

On a business trip to Miami, I dragged my (male, beleaguered) colleague all around town, convinced that I could find the perfect chalky, minty green shade that would satisfy my Chanel craving. Dozens of brands tried, but none of them got the colour quite right — too blue, too yellow, too dark, too ugly. Dejected, I boarded the plane home with an empty, nail-polish-shaped hole in my suitcase.   

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What happened next is what always happens next, no matter who you are or what you do or which shade of nail polish keeps you up at night: time passed. The seasons changed. September arrived, and with it, the launch of the actual Chanel Jade polish. It goes on sale tonight in New York at Fashion’s Night Out and will be available to the rest of us losers for a very limited time starting tomorrow. Get yours at .

Photo via Chanel 

As for me, well, I won’t be buying a bottle. Being incredibly fickle does sometimes have its advantages — I got over my Jade obsession weeks ago. Now I’m all about blood reds and greyish purples and this amazing nude/tan shade I saw recently. Oh, and has anyone tried the new matte collection from OPI?

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