Monday, September 14, 2009

In the Mix: Equal-Opportunity Decorating

Photo via Living Etc.

Ask any fashion editor or best-dressed-list regular how she cobbles together an amazing wardrobe season after season and you’ll likely get the same answer: a mix of designer, high street and vintage.  Of course, some of these women are shameless liars who wouldn’t be caught dead inside H&M or a thrift store, but taking a democratic approach to shopping is actually a great way to cultivate your own personal style.

It’s also the approach I take when it comes to decorating my home, having furnished my apartment with a mix of vintage '70s glam pieces (like my Lucite waterfall bar cart and oversized chrome-and-glass coffee table), serendipitous bargains from Homesense (a plush Missoni towel for $20 and fab sequined throw pillows), some designer purchases (including a set of four Calligaris Ice chairs) and great finds from mid-priced chain stores like West Elm, EQ3, Crate & Barrel and Urban Barn.

Although having a limited budget is a big factor, another reason I built up my home décor scheme in the same manner that I built up my wardrobe is because it’s more interesting this way. The most stylish spaces take time and patience to create. Yes, you can head to the nearest Design Within Reach store and snap up six of everything, or you can recreate the latest Ikea catalogue in your living room, but why would you when you can mix the two instead and create a look that’s unique and real?

Having now lived in my new condo for six months, the place feels mostly “done," but like any home — or any wardrobe, for that matter — it will always be a work in progress. I will continue to shop (sorry, Hubs), adding things here and there, selling unwanted pieces on Craigslist and replacing whatever becomes too worn (or too ugly, depending on my mood). It’s a great way to keep things fresh without spending a fortune.

In the spirit of mixing things up, here are some of the cool finds that have caught my eye lately, at a range of different price points:

Graham and Green Indian white metal coffee table  (and I'll take a few of those Moroccan leather poufs, too)

Jonathan Adler Barbie canisters (Eyelashes, Peroxide, Glitter and Dolls) 

What's your decorating philosophy?
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