Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So Dreamy: Irene Suchocki Photography

Days like today — when I find myself exhausted from work and  too brain-dead to form coherent thoughts, let alone make dinner — call for nothing but pretty, pretty pictures. I adore the work of Montreal-based photographer Irene Suchocki. I came across her Etsy shop one day and immediately fell in love with the dreamy, hazy aesthetic of her photos. Her gorgeous cityscapes are so romantic, you just want to crawl inside the pictures and live there, while her sun-drenched studies of trees and flowers are breathtaking in their graceful simplicity. These are the kinds of photos I wish I could take. Suchocki manages to find a magical, eloquent beauty in everything she photographs. I would love to spend an hour, a week, a year in her world, which seems so far away from the irritatingly meaningless stresses  of everyday life. Some of my favourites: 

I gave this one to my husband last Valentine's Day, because sometimes I am slightly evil and buy him gifts I really want for myself:

And these are hanging in our dining room. I love looking at them over breakfast every morning:

You can check out more of Suchocki's incredible photos on her blog. I just lost myself over there for a few minutes and was amazed to discover that she also shoots weddings; I am so crushed that I didn't know this back when I was planning mine! Especially since our photos turned out so horribly (95% of them were shot on an angle, so it looks like we got married on the Titanic while it was sinking — not quite what I had in mind). Moving on. Treat yourself to some loveliness: buy prints of Suchocki's stunning photos here.

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