Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Step On It: Designer Rugs from The Rug Company

It's so strange when you notice your priorities and interests shifting. I became a first-time homeowner this year, and I find myself spending hours thinking — obsessing — about the weirdest things. Like rugs, for example. I used to covet designer handbags and shoes and dresses and coats; I still do, don't get me wrong. Only now, on top of all those out-of-reach items, I find that designer rugs have somehow made their way onto my wish list. This is kind of a problem. I'm not made of money, so where should the rather limited spare funds be directed? Should I save up for a Vivienne Westwood corset or a Vivienne Westwood carpet? Do I want Marni on my back or under my feet? (That sounded dirty, but you know what I mean.) 

Most of the rugs I dream about are gorgeous, handmade creations by The Rug Company, which was founded a dozen years ago in London by a very forward-thinking couple. Christopher and Suzanne Sharp came up with the brilliant idea of collaborating with fashion designers to produce collections of incredibly stylish, beautifully patterned rugs, and the results are so fabulous that it's impossible to pick a favourite. Has the term "rug porn" been coined yet? Well, it has now. Rug porn. Check it out: 

Marni Anemone Cocoa rug

Marni Elementi rug

Vivienne Westwood Flag rug

Marni Overleaf rug

Vivienne Westwood Magnolia Black rug

Marni Margherita rug

Diane von Furstenberg Funky Zebra rug

Vivienne Westwood Love Heart rug

Matthew Williamson Sunset rug

Diane von Furstenberg Bishop's Cape rug

If you're a style aficionado without a trust fund, how do you choose between fashion and décor? 

All photos via The Rug Company.
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