Friday, September 18, 2009

Tea Time and Other Old-Lady Musings

A few weeks ago, while enjoying a lovely (and rare) day off work together, my husband and I decided to pop into Nadège, a wonderful little patisserie that opened on Queen Street West this summer. It was there that I discovered Kusmi tea. Kusmi is a Paris-based tea company that was founded in St. Petersburg back in 1867 and has been creating some of the world’s best blends for over 140 years. I didn’t know any of this at the time, of course — I was simply mesmerized by the beautiful little tins on display and spent nearly half an hour trying to decide which ones would be coming home with me.

Then yesterday, while browsing through some décor images I had bookmarked months ago, I came across the work of interior stylist Selina Lake , whose book I have been meaning to order for ages. Guess what I noticed in the first photo?

Yes, Kusmi tea. You are all so damn clever.

I love Selina’s work. Her aesthetic is unapologetically girly and she’s not afraid of colour — a woman after my own heart.  I love her use of pinks, greys and floral prints as well as her tendency to add a bit of faded glamour to the mix. She combines elements from different cultures and eras to create gorgeous, unique environments that look real and lived-in (as opposed to the sterile, over-styled homes featured in so many shelter mags these days). 

Selina’s book, Bazaar Style , came out last year and it's full of stunning, inspiring photos. I might just have to order it right now and then celebrate its arrival in the mail with a steaming mug of Kusmi Anastasia tea. Living on the edge, as usual. I’m not quite sure how I became old before my time, but that’s another post for another day.

All images via Selina Lake  
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