Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside: Decorating With Sheepskin

The heat in my building still hasn't been turned on and it's absolutely freezing inside our apartment, in spite of the little space heater I carry around with me from room to room in a desperate attempt to prevent my extremities from turning blue. (My husband has promised to construct for me a little space heater backpack to make things easier... still waiting, Hubs.) The cold temperatures have me pondering ways to cozy up my home and make it warmer — visually, if nothing else — and so I find myself slightly obsessed with sheepskin rugs and throws. 

Judy Aldridge kick-started my  fixation. Look at her gorgeous dining room, which combines modern and rustic elements in the most elegant way imaginable. I love it all: the huge, rough-hewn wood table, the Cellula chandelier, the Philippe Starck Louis Ghost chairs, and of course, the sheepskin throws, flung casually, brilliantly onto the chairs. Perfection. 

Photos via Atlantis Home

Further sheepskin inspiration: 

Graham and Green makes a fabulously luxe goatskin rug, but even the cheap Ikea sheepskin (below) is pretty cute. 

I can picture a few of these sitting atop our Calligaris Ice chairs (we have them in fuchsia) but the cozy factor might be overshadowed by the amount of static that would inevitably be created once the heat is turned on. On the other hand, I already suffer for fashion — maybe now I'll suffer for home décor as well. 

How do you warm up your space when the temperature drops? 
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