Friday, October 23, 2009

Jimmy Choo for H&M Oh Em Gee

It’s pretty clear that every woman and her dog is eagerly awaiting the new Jimmy Choo for H&M collection, which hits stores November 14, but can we please focus for a moment on what’s really important here?

Look. At. Sasha's. Nails. 

Perfection. The short length of the nails keeps this look from veering into cougar territory while the leopard print feels totally fresh in black and white. So many of the animal-print manicures I’ve seen lately — zebra stripes and leopard spots done in super-bright colours — have been too, too much, but this monochromatic pattern is just right.

I’m digging the rest of the campaign, too, from the hair and makeup to the styling to the photography (not to mention the insanely beautiful Sasha Pivovarova). The clutch bags are tempting me, and while the shoes seem nice, I’ll reserve judgment until I can feel the quality of the leather in person.

Happy weekend, everyone! I’ll finally be seeing The September Issue (I can’t believe how long it’s taken for that movie to open in Toronto) and will report back on all the Vogue-y goodness next week.  

All photos courtesy of H&M 
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