Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Memory Lane: Givenchy vs. Prada

When I first spotted these Givenchy lace-up open-toe ankle boots on Net-a-Porter, I thought they were made of a dreamy dove-grey suede. Imagine my dismay when I discovered they're actually — gasp! —stonewashed denim. I know, I know. I was just as shocked as you are. What a world we live in. 

The weird part is that I still think they're a teeny bit awesome. They remind me of a clunkier version of the kick-ass Prada open-toe booties from S/S 06... 

... but instead of the sexy pink patent or buttery tan leather Prada used, the Givenchy versions look as though some denim left over from the early '90s strolled over and threw up all over them. That's not necessarily a bad thing. 

On a side note, I'm now feeling incredibly nostalgic for that Prada S/S 06 collection. It's one of my all-time favourites, not only for the clothes but for the way the collection transports me to an emotionally  defining period of my life. Perusing those images on Style.com really takes me back to that moment in time: I had just moved back home from London, England, where I had spent several amazing years living and studying. I was devastated, frankly, to have been forced to leave the city I passionately loved for the one I was merely stuck with. 

Back in Toronto, I took some small consolation in fashion. I was obsessed with that Prada collection, from the romantic featherweight dresses to the fuchsia lipstick to the shiny, crisscross-strap shoes. Most of all, I was captivated by the grey silk over-the-knee stockings shown with almost every look, slouching prettily down the models' legs. I had to have them, and, worried they wouldn't be carried in the Bloor Street Prada boutique, I asked a total stranger to buy them for me. That kind person was Susie Bubble, who had just started a little blog called Style Bubble and who very generously offered a free shopping/shipping service for us poor suckers overseas. I remember how thrilled I was when the stockings arrived, all wrapped up in tissue paper, the delicate silk shimmering discreetly. They sat in my drawer for ages before I finally found the right moment to wear them — on a date with my new boyfriend, the man who would later become my husband. 

What a collection. Thanks for the stockings, Susie. It might be time to pull them out again.  

Givenchy Fanta denim lace-up boots from Net-a-Porter here
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