Monday, October 26, 2009

The September Issue (And How I Couldn't Come Up With A Clever Title For This Post)

Five questions that popped into my head after seeing The September Issue — which was excellent, by the way — this weekend:

  • Will there ever be another editor as powerful as Anna Wintour? She’s got a bony finger in every fashion pie imaginable, from previewing and editing designers’ collections (whether they like it or not, it would seem) to negotiating delivery schedules for major department stores to altering runway designs in an attempt to make them more saleable. I was blown away hearing her say, “Yes, I talked to Mrs. Prada and she agreed to change the fabric on those dresses.” Can you imagine? It's hard to fully grasp the breadth and scope of her influence, and how far beyond Vogue it actually extends.

Sienna Miller chillin' with her Catholic buddies in the September 2007 issue of Vogue

  • How would The September Issue have turned out had it been made today and not back in 2007 — when obscene amounts of money were being thrown around and Wintour could order a $50,000 spread to be re-shot on a whim? Candy Pratts Price, who was featured in the documentary, has just been laid off from and it’s very likely that more losses will follow. Does the Vogue universe we see in the movie still exist? 

  • Could André Leon Talley be any less sane? Honestly, he might be the world’s most fashionable mental-hospital escapee. I strongly recommend you watch him crazy it up here . 

 Photo via 

  • Could Wintour’s daughter, Bee Shaffer, be any more of a bratty, condescending, disrespectful little snot? Her mother is the most important woman in a $300 billion industry, and Bee still has the nerve to look down on fashion? Please, please won’t someone slap the sneer off her rich law-student face? 

 Photo via 

  • Could Grace Coddington be any more fabulous? She really does steal the movie. Next to Wintour, who comes across as ruthless, humourless and coldhearted, Coddington is feisty, emotional, funny and real. She doesn’t put up with Wintour’s bullshit and isn’t afraid to stand up for herself. On the flip side of that, she also reveals the vulnerability she feels after toiling for over 40 years in an industry that thrives on change and wants everything to be Newer! Faster! Younger! Coddington is a frizzy-haired, cat-loving, flat-shoes-wearing fashion goddess, and like every other girl who has seen The September Issue, I worship at her altar.   

P.S. This is my new favourite Grace Coddington photo, taken by the supremely talented Tommy Ton for :

Don't you love the look on Coddington's face? She's totally thinking, "What the hell is that bitch wearing?" 
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