Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tim Walker + Tim Burton = Creepy Goodness

Have you seen the Tim Burton fashion story in this month's Harper's Bazaar? It was shot by Tim Walker, one of my all-time favourite photographers, and it perfectly captures the creepy/magical spirit of Burton's films. Harper's has tried very hard these past few years to distinguish itself from other fashion mags and establish a real identity; the concepts don't always work (like that bizarro Simpsons editorial in 2007) but you've got to admire any magazine willing to branch out and try something different in difficult times. Luckily, they sometimes get it exactly right. Case in point: 

Photos by Tim Walker for Harper's Bazaar

I can't wait to schedule a trip to New York to see the Tim Burton retrospective at the MoMA, opening November 22 —and maybe rent Edward Scissorhands (while reliving my Johnny Depp crush) in the meantime.
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