Monday, October 19, 2009

Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi Ce Soir?

I've been home sick in bed all day, spending quality time with my two cats and wishing at least one of them were handy in the kitchen so she could make me a snack (while the other one would be sent on a Starbucks mission to retrieve a much-needed chai latte). Alas, these kitties are mostly good for sleeping and cuddling, and thus I remain snackless and chai-latte-free — but with added feelings of dissatisfaction toward my bedroom. 

I do like my bedroom, don't get me wrong; it's just not finished. The colour of the walls, a soothing greyish lavender, is lovely, as are the heavy charcoal linen curtains, my gleaming silver table lamp and the large abstract painting that hangs above the bed. What I'm not so fond of is the lack of overhead lighting (how I long for a chandelier!), the boring off-white carpeting  and the ugly bed frame and mismatched nightstands we've inherited from various family members. 

But money only stretches so far, and after booking our upcoming holiday (more on that later), there is really, really, really nothing left for new furniture this year. So instead I'll dream of gorgeous bedrooms, finding inspiration in these inviting spaces: 

The stunning lace-flower canvas doubling as a headboard is from Surface View, an English company that creates the most spectacular — and huge — bespoke prints. I'm dying to order something from their V&A collection

I love the little pops of sunny colour (especially the sumptuous-looking yellow silk headboard) in this otherwise neutral room. 

This particular photo is overstyled, but I adore the mirrored chest of drawers, the architectural detailing on the walls, the white gold bedspread and the unabashed glamour of the space. 

This room combines colour, texture and print for a sexy, sensual effect. I'm loving the rich pinks and deep browns against the slick shots of silver. 

The green satin bedspread is unexpected and fabulous against the dark, moody colour of the walls. 

Floral wallpaper on a black background, cozy sheepskin rug and an unusual bookcase — what's not to love? 

This room's mix of modern and rustic just works. Even the ubiquitous arc lamp looks like it really belongs here. And I would kill for that deep grey sheepskin rug. Gah. Perfect. 

Again, it's all about the mix. I'm not normally a fan of exposed brick, especially in a bedroom, but it contrasts beautifully with the ultra-luxe bedding and the delicate mini-pendant lights. I'd love to wake up here every morning. 

I'm powerless to resist metallic wallpaper, but this room also scores big points for the parquet floor, the delicate vintage furniture and the sparkly, statement-making pop art painting that throws you off a little — in the best possible way. Nicely done. 

Which room is your favourite? 

All photos via Living Etc. 
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