Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wanted: Natasha Brilli Nolex Bracelet

Between the Nutella crepes, the endless bowls of hot chocolate, the shopping, the wandering, the insanely beautiful fall colours, the not-being-at-work-for-four-whole-days and the ridiculous (and by ridiculous I mean awesome) drive-thru Starbucks on the way there, my weekend in Montreal was pretty fantastic. 

One of the highlights, aside from everything listed above, was discovering Reborn, an amazing little boutique in Vieux Montréal that carries lustworthy labels like Acne, Raf Simons, Preen, Rick Owens, Obesity and Speed, Alexander Wang and Henrik Vibskov. I had never heard of the store but was thrilled to have stumbled upon it, especially since what drew me in was this little guy: 

This is Pema. He was just chilling out in the window next to that studded Alex Wang bag. I was enchanted by both dog and bag, naturally. I happen to have a thing for French bulldogs, especially French bulldogs who like to hang out in upscale boutiques (hi Sydney in Vancouver!). Hubs and I went in and tickled Pema's tummy for a while, then threw around his little toy artichoke and laughed delightedly as Pema brought it back to us every time. I didn't even mind that he kept drooling all over my new cropped leather boots. That is the power of the French bulldog in the upscale boutique. 

When I finally got around to checking out the clothes, I was blown away. The shop, owned by former fashion stylist Brigitte Chartrand, is tiny but incredibly well-edited. Almost all of the clothes were either black, grey or white, and every single piece was sexy and perfect in that androgynous rockstar sort of way. Most of them were out of my price range, though, so I wandered over to the accessories section and promptly fell in love with this Natasha Brilli Nolex bracelet: 

 Photos via Reborn

It's a bracelet shaped like a Rolex watch and covered in a thin layer of distressed metallic leather. It's witty and cool and playful and different and I neeeeeeed it. 

Photo via Atlantis Home

Look, Judy Aldridge has one! (Yes, I'm obsessed with Judy Aldridge. I know it's weird. Let's move on.) You can buy the Nolex online here or visit Reborn at 231 Rue Saint-Paul Ouest in Montreal. Please give Pema a big hug from me. 

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