Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas Hints Are Starting Early This Year

Well, it's mid-November, which isn't really that early. The Starbucks holiday cups have been out for a week already, and Santa's elves have been vomiting tinsel and fake snow all over every major department store in the First World since before Halloween, so comparatively speaking, my timing shows a lot of restraint. Besides, there's simply no way I could resist dropping a few hints after coming across Mulberry's new collaboration with Apple. Look look look: 

Remember the Mulberry Bayswater Clutch in Coral Smudged Leopard Print? I was lusting for it in September and now I'm desperate for its sexy laptop case counterpart, the Mulberry 13" Bayswater Sleeve for MacBook Pro. I have a 13" MacBook Pro! This is clearly Meant. To. Be. 

I also maybe really definitely need the Mulberry 13" Daria Sleeve for MacBook Pro, because 1) it's pink, 2) it's shiny, and 3) it's pink and shiny. 

These lovelies are only available through Apple Europe right now (boo hiss), but they'll be available worldwide on on December 1. Are you listening, Hubs? 
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