Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ra-ra-ah-ah-ah, Ro-ma-ro-ma-ma, Gaga, Oh la la!

Like any self-respecting mindless automaton, I've finally jumped on the Lady Gaga bandwagon, and I'm not afraid to admit I like it. (Very sparkly up on this here bandwagon! Lots of shirtless boys!) On set at a photo shoot today, I made everyone take a break to watch my current obsession, the Bad Romance video. We had a long, earnest discussion about whether or not Gaga is pretty — she certainly has her angles, no? — and if there's any truth to those pesky hermaphrodite rumours. Alls I know is that she looks completely at ease rocking straight-from-the-runway Alexander McQueen, and the song is damn catchy. What more do you want, you greedy people? 

P.S. McQueen chose Bad Romance as the finale music for his breathtaking, otherwordly Spring/Summer 2010 show. If you haven't already, I implore you to watch it HERE. Do it. 

Alexander McQueen runway photos via Style.com
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