Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Santa Fe(rocious)

Part two of my business trip has brought me to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and I'm in love. The unbelievably wide expanses of azure sky, the adobe buildings, the 300+ art galleries, the delicious food and the intoxicating, ever-present scent of piñon smoke in the air are all making me wish I could extend my stay here. Christmas must be a magical time in Santa Fe; it's cold enough to feel properly festive, but you're also in the middle of the desert. What a cool, exotic juxtaposition.

I'm also surprised at how much I'm digging the traditional Southwestern décor — the warm colours, the Navajo rugs and blankets, the cowhide-upholstered furniture, and even the animal skulls are all strangely appealing. I could spend hours wandering through the little markets filled with beautiful Mexican punched tin mirrors and strings of chili peppers. A few questions: Is it too soon to redecorate my apartment? Why did I only bring one suitcase? And as fabulous as these items seem here, how dumb would they look back in my downtown Toronto condo? 

All photos taken by me on a crappy digital camera, so please excuse the poor quality! 
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