Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wanted: Ralph Lauren Indian Cove Lodge Collection

Ralph Lauren has been incorporating elements of New Mexico/Navajo/Southwestern style into his designs since before I was born, so it's not particularly shocking that many of the little shops here in Santa Fe remind me of his work. As a fashion designer, the man has never really been on my radar — his clothes tend to veer between conservative and costumey, and they're just not my thing. But Ralph Lauren Home is a different story altogether. The lovely Jenny from My Favorite and My Best brought RL's Indian Cove Lodge collection to my attention a month ago and, like Jenny, I was obsessed with the pairing of buffalo plaid and leopard print. At the time, I didn't even notice the fab Navajo rugs and pillows or the mirror made from naturally shed antlers. My trip to Santa Fe has inspired me to revisit the collection and I must admit that I'm sorta kinda really loving it. 

Yea or nay? What say you? 

Photos via Ralph Lauren Home 
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