Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gangsta Wrap

When I was younger and still lived at home with my parents, my mother used to buy a ridiculous number of Christmas presents each year — I’m one of five kids — and invariably leave the wrapping of said presents until the very last minute, at which point she would balk at all the naked boxes and beg me to wrap them for her. Being the moderately nice daughter that I was, I would spend every Christmas Eve ensconced in our den amidst stacks of sweaters and scarves (and ill-fitting pajamas), carefully selecting the perfect paper for each recipient, meticulously curling spools of satiny ribbon with my scissors and watching A Chorus Line on television. Why on earth was that movie on TV ever year? It’s hardly a Christmas story. Someone at the network must have had a boner for Michael Douglas. Gross. 

There’s something so Zen about wrapping presents, don’t you think? Getting a gift is fabulous, of course, but what’s even better is receiving a gorgeously wrapped present that looks almost too pretty to open. I’ve been searching for this year’s perfect wrap for a while, and today I found two rolls of metallic embossed alligator paper, one in silver, the other in apple green. It looks a lot like the one above, but, you know, shiny. Swoon.  

Bright Green Alligator Paper by Carolyne Roehme HERE . 
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