Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Something A Little More Practical: Hunter Leopard-Print Welly Socks

Another week, another random business trip. This time I find myself in St. John's, Newfoundland. It's bloody freezing here, and a massive winter storm on the weekend has left the city buried under deep piles of snow. On the plus side, it's rather charming and Christmassy. On the minus side (is that actually an expression?), the Sorel Joan of Arctic shearling-lined boots I had ordered in preparation for this icy adventure arrived in Toronto after I had already landed in St. John's — thanks, Amazon — so my feet have been cold and slightly numb for the past couple of days. Tonight I took a stroll around Newfoundland's finest retail establishments and was instinctively drawn to all manner of mittens, fur hats, scarves and woolen blankets. The only things I really considered buying, however, were these: 

Awesome, n'est-ce pas? The fleece socks fit snugly inside any Hunter Wellies to keep your feet toasty warm in colder weather. They come in tons of different colours, but the leopard-print versions are by far my favourite. I know my Hunters have been feeling neglected lately, and a pair of these socks might be exactly what we need to spice up our relationship and re-ignite that old spark. What, you don't anthropomorphize your rubber boots? 
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