Tuesday, December 15, 2009

T Minus Ten Days

Can you believe Christmas is only ten days away? Seems like I'd been waiting eons for December to roll around, keeping a mental list of all the fun, Christmassy things I'd do this month (like get tickets to The Nutcracker and bake yummy things and host a fancy holiday dinner party and convince Hubs to let me buy a real tree this year), but work has been a real bitch lately and alluvasudden it's December 15 and where the heck did the time go? Where?

One thing I did manage to do was decorate our little tree, and I might have gone a little nuts. Hubs and I picked it out the first year we were together — a tiny tree for the tiny apartment we shared. It's white and fiber optic, which means it flashes all sorts of groovy colours when plugged in, appealing to Hubs's nerdy side and my disco tranny side. 

This year, I decided to buy all new ornaments for the tree, which is where the crazy comes in. Once I started, I couldn't stop. Even once the tree appeared to be fully decorated, new baubles somehow kept following me home. So now our little white tree is absolutely covered in ornaments. When Hubs saw the finished product, his only comment was "Looks like candy." And I'm okay with that. 

So now the countdown to Christmas — and most importantly, a week off work — really begins. I've finished 90% of  my shopping (come on, it's what I do), had my nails painted a seasonally appropriate colour (OPI's Dear Santa) and ordered one of my favourite cheesy holiday movies to watch on Christmas Eve. I am SET. The only thing that will get me through this next week at the office is knowing I'll be sleeping in soon, eating chocolate for breakfast, watching soap operas online and staying in my pajamas until 4 pm every day. Bliss. 

Sadly, the Starbucks ornaments didn't get used this year, but I wanted to show them to you anyway. Don't you just adore festive symbols of capitalism? I know I do. No, seriously, I do. It's kind of sick. 

The one non-bauble we did put up is the new Jonathan Adler penguin ornament I brought back from Dallas. Too cute! Though I'll admit that penguins make me a little bit sad when I think about them huddling together and shivering for months and months on end in brutal arctic temperatures while they try to protect their teensy penguin babies, and sometimes the teensy penguin babies DIE because the conditions are so harsh and why don't they just migrate somewhere warmer like everyone else? WHY? Damn penguin martyrs. 

Sigh. Please bring on the holidays. I am so ready. 
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