Monday, December 7, 2009

To Buy Or Not To Buy: Miu Miu Capretto Ankle-Strap Boots

I've been obsessing about these Miu Miu Capretto ankle-strap boots for ages, and now they're on sale. Fifty percent off at Net-a-Porter! But I've never actually tried them on. And it's less than three weeks until Christmas. Is now really the time to be buying presents for myself, knowing that said presents might turn out to be toe-pinching, blister-inducing instruments of beautiful, beautiful torture? 

a) Put down the credit card and step away from the computer. You should be buying gifts for other people this time of year, Miss Bratty McSelfishson.

b) It's Miu Miu and they're gorgeous, fool! Buy them now or regret it forever. 

Is it a) or b), friends? Help a sister out. 

Answers below, please! 
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