Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Style: Dreamy Bedrooms

In spite of the stupidly cold weather, I somehow managed to leave the house this morning (I know) to take a belly-dancing class (I know) so I'm feeling pretty darn pleased with myself right now — and completely entitled to spend the rest of the day in bed. If my bedroom were as dreamy as any of these spaces, I don't think I'd ever be able to drag myself away. 

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Style Rookie No More

Can you imagine being thirteen years old and scoring a front-row seat at the Paris couture shows? And not because you have famous parents, or because you’re a tremendously rich trust-fund brat with an unpronounceable last name, but because you’re the precocious, whip-smart, fashion-obsessed suburbanite author of a style blog? Tavi Gevinson , a pint-sized self-proclaimed rookie, has transformed into the ne plus ultra of fashion insiders, with designers, photographers and journalists all clamouring to get a piece of her. The pictures of Tavi currently making the internet rounds — blocking a Grazia reporter’s view of the Dior runway with her whimsical Stephen Jones feather bow hat; rocking red lipstick and pouting at the paparazzi; posing like a pro at Chanel — sort of blow my mind. The girl is thirteen years old. Thirteen! When I was thirteen, I was reading Sassy and experimenting with pierced ears and coloured jeans, whereas Tavi is traipsing around Paris in Rodarte and Margiela, hobnobbing with the fashion elite. When Flare magazine editor-in-chief Lisa Tant tweeted about Tavi a few days ago, she caused a minor Twitter uproar:

Sobbing to think that a 13 year old gets a front row seat to cover couture. No justice in this world.

While I don’t necessarily begrudge Tavi her spot at couture week, Tant does bring up an interesting point. For every upstart blogger suddenly thrust into the spotlight and granted unprecedented access to runway shows, there’s a seasoned editor who gets unceremoniously bumped from her front-row seat despite years of experience and hard work. It’s frustrating to think that busting your butt at journalism school, interning for free at fashion magazines and paying your dues as a poorly paid, get-no-respect fashion assistant may never get you as far as the kid with a Macbook who decides to start a style blog one day between homework and bedtime. Good for Tavi for accomplishing everything she has, especially at such a young age and all on her own steam, but what about the people who pursue fashion doggedly for years, who study it and devote their careers to it and do their best to climb the fashion ladder rung by rung? Where are their front-row seats?

If there’s one thing we should all remember about this industry, it’s that fashion is fickle. It gobbles people up one day and then spits them out the next, so what will happen when Tavi is no longer the flavour of the month? Or when style bloggers in general start to lose their sheen? Tavi seems preternaturally poised, so hopefully she’ll be able to handle it gracefully when she makes the inevitable transition from fashion darling to fashion footnote. I’m not sure I would have been able to cope with such a thing at that age, but then again, I grew up in a pre-internet, pre-blog, pre-reality TV fame era. I was brought up to believe that people achieved success based on hard work and merit. Sounds quaint now, I know — but I’m holding out hope that someday soon the sands of public opinion will shift again and we can start rewarding people for talent and effort, not gimmicks. Because frankly, I’m far too old to work the precocious angle. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Unhappy Hipsters

Have you seen this new blog

Genius. I love that all the pretentious images are from Dwell, too. I can't be the only one who thinks Dwell is the most boring shelter mag ever. Discuss. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Birthday, In Pictures

Miami. Five-and-a-half gorgeous days visiting my best friend and soaking up the winter sunshine. 

Many happy hours spent wandering up and down Lincoln Road, stopping occasionally to refuel with iced chai lattes and sparkle donuts. 

Yes. Sparkle donuts. 

A special trip to the Miu Miu boutique at Bal Harbour. 

And a beautiful Miu Miu grey leather croc-embossed wallet with gold hardware, my birthday present from Hubs.  

Birthday brunch at the Big Pink, complete with neon-pink perspex tables. 


A pastel-coloured city. 

Enchanted by a painting that wasn't for sale. 

Serendipitously discovering my new signature scent (more on this later). 

One of three birthday cakes in as many days. 

Not having to watch the clock. 

Dreaming of my next visit. 

Monday, January 18, 2010

Birthday Wish List: 2010 Edition

Poster by Anthony Burrill 

I'm turning 30 on Saturday. There, I said it. The big 3-0. I have extremely mixed feelings about this birthday, but I'd prefer not to dwell on angsty emotion. Nor do I care to formulate unrealistic goals for myself or boo-hoo-hoo over my rapidly disappearing youth. Instead, in honour of my last week as a twentysomething, let's focus on sweet escapes from reality. Without further ado, my birthday wish list:

1. A trip to Tokyo during cherry blossom season. What could be more enchanting?

2. This gorgeous grey leather Miu Miu bag from Spring 2008. I'm convinced it's still out there somewhere, waiting for me.

3. Sexy, sparkly Chloe shoes. I don't own anything by Chloe yet. That situation needs to be rectified immediately.

4. And some sexy, sparkly cupcakes.

5. A winter weekend retreat. If we must winter, let us winter in style.

6. Gisele's legs.

7. Glossy white painted-wood floors.

8. A bubblegum-pink door.

9. This Michael Kors white ceramic watch. For my birthday last year, my best friend surprised me with the MK rose gold watch I'd been lusting after — one of the sweetest gifts I've ever received — and now I'd like to start a little collection. The oversized white ceramic version would be fabulous in the summertime.

10. A job in London.

11. Et un petit pied-à-terre Parisien.

12. Preferably within walking distance of Ladurée.

13. A Lanvin necklace fit for a princess.

14. Chandeliers in every room (and an electrician to install them, too).

15. Most importantly, endless time with the people and kitties I love .

Happy birthday to all the January babies out there!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Anna Dello Russo's Shoe Collection Kills Me

Perfection. Nicely captured, Scott

Sunday Style: Fruzsina Keehn's London Flat

I truly believe that Sundays were made for spending all day in bed, but if this were my bedroom, I'm not sure I'd ever venture outside. It belongs to London-based jewellery designer Fruzsina Keehn, who collaborated with interior designer Alex Papachristidis to create this dreamy space (and the rest of her stunning flat). I love everything about it: the fabulous chandelier, the cloud-like bed, all that natural light flooding in, and most of all, the soft grey tones mixed with glam gold accents. Grey and gold work incredibly well together, especially as a winter colour combo, yet it's not one you see all the time. Totally refreshing, don't you think? 

Keehn's living room is elegant and refined without being stuffy. Ideally, I'd like to see a few pops of bright colour in here  — once you take away those gorgeous flowers, the neutral colour scheme becomes a little bland for my taste — but the room is calming and beautiful nonetheless. 

And check out those amazing windows! Okay, so maybe I'd have to divide my time equally between the perfect bedroom and the near-perfect living room. I suppose I could manage that. 

How sweet is the kitchen's dining nook? The unexpected use of boldly patterned wallpaper here is a brilliant touch. I love that it doesn't scream "kitchen" at first glance — it looks more like a cozy little café or tea room. 

This is the flat's entryway, which means that Keehn is greeted by a striking 19th-century Venetian glass chandelier and a slice of her impressive art collection each time she walks through the door. Rough life. 

I'm not normally a fan of beiges and browns, but these sexy purple lamps work so well against the deep taupe walls that I'm willing to make an exception in this case. Very generous of me, I know. 

Now it's your turn to share: what's your idea of the perfect Sunday space? 

Photos: Elle Décor via Habitually Chic 
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