Monday, January 18, 2010

Birthday Wish List: 2010 Edition

Poster by Anthony Burrill 

I'm turning 30 on Saturday. There, I said it. The big 3-0. I have extremely mixed feelings about this birthday, but I'd prefer not to dwell on angsty emotion. Nor do I care to formulate unrealistic goals for myself or boo-hoo-hoo over my rapidly disappearing youth. Instead, in honour of my last week as a twentysomething, let's focus on sweet escapes from reality. Without further ado, my birthday wish list:

1. A trip to Tokyo during cherry blossom season. What could be more enchanting?

2. This gorgeous grey leather Miu Miu bag from Spring 2008. I'm convinced it's still out there somewhere, waiting for me.

3. Sexy, sparkly Chloe shoes. I don't own anything by Chloe yet. That situation needs to be rectified immediately.

4. And some sexy, sparkly cupcakes.

5. A winter weekend retreat. If we must winter, let us winter in style.

6. Gisele's legs.

7. Glossy white painted-wood floors.

8. A bubblegum-pink door.

9. This Michael Kors white ceramic watch. For my birthday last year, my best friend surprised me with the MK rose gold watch I'd been lusting after — one of the sweetest gifts I've ever received — and now I'd like to start a little collection. The oversized white ceramic version would be fabulous in the summertime.

10. A job in London.

11. Et un petit pied-à-terre Parisien.

12. Preferably within walking distance of Ladurée.

13. A Lanvin necklace fit for a princess.

14. Chandeliers in every room (and an electrician to install them, too).

15. Most importantly, endless time with the people and kitties I love .

Happy birthday to all the January babies out there!
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