Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wanted: Table Stories by Tord Boontje

Aren't these plates incredible? The red ones were featured in the January issue of Living Etc. as part of a "festive dining" feature, but I would use them as everyday dishes — they're far too pretty to stay hidden away in a cupboard 364 days a year. The enchanting collection, called Table Stories, was created by Dutch product designer Tord Boontje in 2005, and I'm lusting after every last piece.

Just as I can't stand white walls, I'm also not a fan of plain white dishes — why choose something so devoid of personality when there's a sea of gorgeous colour and pattern out there begging to be explored? Imagine the spirit-lifting possibilities of Boontje's whimsical dinnerware on a dreary winter's day. Most of us could use a little injection of fun and fantasy in our lives, especially around this depressing time of year (anyone else finding that 2010 sucks rather hard so far?), and this sweet collection definitely fits the bill. 

I love the Table Stories glassware, too. You know what's not awesome about a candle holder with a unicorn frolicking on it? NOTHING. What a stupid question. 
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