Monday, February 15, 2010

Beauty in the Details

Ahhh, 3-day weekend. Are there any lovelier words in the whole of the English language? Well, "4-day weekend," I suppose, or "trust fund," but let's not be greedy. I'm celebrating Family Day today, a newish, entirely made-up statutory holiday that coincides with Presidents Day in the States and was ostensibly created to "emphasize the importance of family values." I suspect it's actually a thinly-veiled attempt to keep us all from jumping off a bridge in response to the depressing bleakness of February in Ontario. Either way, I love 3-day weekends. Government WIN. 

Naturally, I'm observing Family Day by holing up like a recluse, trying to ignore the leftover Valentine's Day macarons that are sitting on the kitchen counter — there are currently two left, but that could change by the end of this post — and watching Picnic at Hanging Rock, a ladyblogger classic

I'm also drooling over the fabulous Paris Color Series at Little Brown Pen. Have you seen Nichole's gorgeous photos? What a perfect way to brighten up a grey, cloudy Monday: 

You can buy print sets at Nichole's Little Brown Pen Etsy shop  such a cool gift idea for francophiles and anyone who loves colour. I'm dying to try this myself, realising of course that Toronto isn't nearly as photogenic as Paris, but since the whole point is to find beauty in the details, I don't think that really matters. 
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