Wednesday, March 17, 2010

London House Envy, Part 57,682

I was flipping through the gorgeous, colourful March issue of Living Etc. over breakfast this morning [note to self: Stop doing this. It makes you late for work] and developed a serious case of house envy when I came across the Thirties Arts and Crafts home of Joy Isaacs, her husband and their three boys. Between the deep grey walls, antique framed Union Jack in the living room, chandelier in the kitchen, hits of hot pink in the bedroom, gorgeous "conversation sofa" in Joy's fabulous dressing room and the simple fact that it's in London, there's no way I couldn't fall in love with her home. Check it out: 

The glass coffee table in Joy's cozy living room turns stacks of magazines into a design feature. The fireplace, moody wall colour, deep red accents and lived-in vibe make it the perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon. 

Love, love, love the worn look of the framed Union Jack. 

This little hallway vignette feels sweet and charming. The painting keeps it from looking twee. 

I'm digging the mix of patterns here, and the antelope hooks are a witty touch.  


I hold a firm belief that chandeliers work well in every single room of the house. Case in point: Joy's kitchen. 

How pretty is this bathroom? The butterfly art adds a welcome pop of colour while the rest of the space is kept muted and serene. 

I really love the feminine vibe Joy has managed to inject throughout the house, in spite of the fact that she lives with four males. 

Proof that fuchsia and black can co-exist without bringing to mind Barbie and the Rockers. I adore this bedroom. 

The hint of lime green from the anglepoise lamp is lovely and unexpected. 

Can you believe this amazing sofa was an eBay find? Incredible. And again, the pink and lime green look fab together. I am in dire, dire need of my own dressing room. 

What do you think? Are you drooling over this house too? 
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