Monday, March 22, 2010

More Miu Miu Spring/Summer 2010 Shoe Madness

I know, I know. I've blogged about the Miu Miu SS10 shoes already (several times, in fact) but I can't help it. I'm completely obsessed. Why don't I own a pair of these already? The only retailer in the entire freaking country that actually carries them is Holt Renfrew, naturally, and they've timidly ordered just one style: the plain maryjane in either black satin or deep nude patent. I've tried on both versions — prancing around the Bloor Street store's shoe department at length, walking from mirror to mirror, posing and preening — and let me tell you, these babies are heavy as hell, very likely blister-inducing, and they make me a truly ridiculous 6'4". 

Of course, none of these minor flaws are the reason I have yet to drop over $700 on what will essentially become beautiful, unwearable little sculptures that live in my closet. No, I haven't bought the ones at Holts because I'm holding out for the really special shoes: the gloriously printed ones in black or pink or red or yellow, with cats or birds or flowers on them and maybe even some rhinestones for good measure. I'm having a tough time coming to terms with the fact that the Miu Mius of my dreams are nowhere to be found in Canada. More disappointingly, even my usual online haunts are coming up short. Et tu, Net-a-porter

The only reasonable solution to this problem, obviously, is for Mrs. Prada to open up a Miu Miu boutique in Toronto — preferably this week. I guarantee there are enough rabid Canadian Miu Miu fans here to make it worth her while. And let's be honest, if I get a second job and a sugar daddy, I can keep the store in business myself. What a plan. Do we have a deal, Miuccia? Hello? Are you listening? 

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