Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April Obsessions

Few things in life are as satisfying as creating a really, really good list, wouldn't you agree? Well, maybe the "few things in life" part is taking it a bit far, but still, I love a good list. I've even started making all sorts of little lists on my new BlackBerry, which means that if we were back in 2002, I'd be totally high-tech! Imagine. (Okay, now I'm imagining all the things I would do if I did somehow find myself back in 2002. Maybe I would start saving up for the Dries Van Noten distressed silver ballet flats I still regret not buying, so that by the time they came out in 2004 I'd actually be able to afford them. Ditto the Miu Miu oversized clutch of my dreams in 2007.) Anyhoo. Are you ready for the damn list? Here are my April 2010 obsessions:

1. Bicycles. Not serious bikes for serious athletes, but a seriously cute Dutch-style bicycle for me, a seriously lazy girl. I love the idea of a beautiful lilac or mint green bike, and me in a sweet floral dress riding said beautiful lilac or mint green bike on picturesque country roads, fields of tall grass and wildflowers on either side of me, my hair blowing prettily in the breeze, a delicious picnic lunch packed inside the vintage straw basket mounted on the front of my beautiful lilac or mint green bike. 

Sadly, I will probably never own a beautiful lilac or mint green bicycle because a) I find bike-riding incredible uncomfortable. Honestly, how do people do it? When cycling enthusiasts tell me that you get used to it, what does that mean? Are you developing calluses down there???  and b) I don't live in the countryside, where there are picturesque country roads. I live in downtown Toronto, where the cyclists vs. crazy drivers situation scares the crap out of me, and of course c) if I had a beautiful lilac or mint green bicycle, chances are very high that it would get stolen, since that's what happens to bikes in Toronto. So for now the bicycle thing will remain a happy fantasy. 

2. Bloch Giselle roll-up ballet flats in lilac. Well, I call them lilac. Bloch has somewhat pretentiously chosen to call this colour "Delft" cause they're fancy like that. Nevertheless, I ordered these buttery leather lilac beauties from Heel Boy on the weekend and am anxiously awaiting their arrival. Lilac! 

3. Pink grapefruit Perrier. Yes, I know it's a little ridiculous to be blogging about sparkling water, but what can I say? This stuff is addictive. 

4. Banana Republic Spring Edition candle. It's pink, it smells heavenly (with notes of gardenia and water lily) and I think it's now sold out, which makes me wish I had bought more than just one. 

5. This is what came up when I searched for "Banana Republic Spring Edition candle." Oh, Long Duk Dong. Not an April Obsession per se, but hilarious nonetheless. 

6. The entire Essie Resort Collection. I'm currently wearing Lapis of Luxury on my fingers and Splash of Grenadine on my toes, and got tons of compliments when I attempted — fairly successfully, I might add — a DIY manicure with Playa Del Platinum this past weekend. Love. 

7. Season 3 of The City premieres in Canada tomorrow! Will Whitney make absurdly terrible dating decisions? Yes! Will Olivia continue to pretend she works at Elle? Of course! Will [my hero] Kelly Cutrone steal the show with her everlasting wit and wisdom? You know it! So much better than The Hills

8. The Gentlewoman magazine. I finally tracked down a copy and was amazed to discover that it actually lives up to the hype. I'm impressed. 

9. My new blush-coloured leopard print scarf from Zara. There are no images of it online and I'm too lazy to take a picture, so I'll just leave you with this lovely photo of a leopard napping in a tree. Isn't he darling? Trust me, he goes with everything. 

What are your April obsessions? 

Photos via The Cherry Blossom GirlThe Fresh Fiends and a lot of random Google image searching 
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