Monday, April 19, 2010

Are You Sick Of Cherry Blossoms Yet?

Yes? Well, tough, because I'm not. Vive les cerisiers! 

True to his word, Hubs accompanied me back to High Park the very next day, giving me a second chance to  photograph the lush cherry blossom trees in full bloom. And maybe my camera-battery-related stupidity on Day One was actually a blessing in disguise, because Day Two brought resplendently sunny weather, bright blue skies and trees that had somehow grown even more riotously beautiful and magical-looking overnight. I was in cherry blossom heaven. 

That's a lot of cherry blossoms, I know. We also saw other exciting nature-y things. 

Like ducks.

And geese.

And dogs. 

(Even a flying dog.) 

And a pretty, pretty swan. 

And sunshine-yellow flowers — anyone know what these are called? 

Annnnnd some more cherry blossom trees. I love spring. 

All photos by me 
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